Yoga is a Gift for the Mind and Body – at Any Age

Every now and then, a news story about an 80-year-old deciding to begin practicing yoga will go viral on social media. While these stories are wonderful, and sometimes even inspirational to read, it is not as out of the ordinary as you might think for someone well into their second half of life to begin practicing yoga. Just stop by the weekly yoga class at one local church (St. David’s Episcopal Church in Wayne, PA) to see for yourself -beginners and seasoned yogis in this class range in age from 30-something to 80-ish, happily unrolling their mats every Tuesday night.

 It’s a beautiful thing to see so many different bodies moving through the series of postures in their own way. For the most part, during the course of a Yoga With Spirit-class – or any yoga class for that matter - no two people look the same in any given posture. But this changes after class when everyone, young and old, stiff or flexible, strong or exhausted, leaves with the same contented smile on their face and relaxed spring in their step. If this makes you wonder, "What is going on in there and how do I get some of it?" then read on.

Many of yoga’s physical health benefits are widely known: Healthier joints, more flexible muscles, and better balance. In fact, reading back through that list of health benefits you might say that yoga seems tailor-made to help people live more vibrant, active lives well after the age of 60. And you’d be right. Practicing yoga even once or twice a week is a wonderful way to slow and even stave off the effects of aging.

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