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(White) Yoga Tank/Bra Backless(White) Yoga Tank/Bra Backless
RTYM New solid color breathable yoga shirtRTYM New solid color breathable yoga shirt
RTYM Casual solid color Exercise TankRTYM Casual solid color Exercise Tank
RTYM Sports Wear 2 PC setsRTYM Sports Wear 2 PC sets
Women Sleeveless Side Split TankWomen Sleeveless Side Split Tank

RTYM Leggings

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Pain Relief & Stress Management

Is Inversion Therapy Right For You? Yoga Swings are the most powerful at-home or yoga studio inversion tools ever created.

In the comfort of your home, explore an infinite variety of stretches and strengthening maneuvers for the spine. Treat back and neck pain and strengthen your weak areas.

With an endless repertoire of moves for aerial fitness and suspension strength training. Our yoga swings can´t be beat for full-body, multi-purpose, functional training.


Back & Neck Care

Our patented cushioned swing is designed to decompress your spine in a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable way, releasing stress and alleviating chronic muscle tension.

Swing Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of yoga, including increased energy and improved mood, while exploring a fun new way to practice. It´s so easy children love using it too.

Best Selling Yoga Book Series

In this book series, you will find hope and inspiration from many people, just like you, who have gone through surviving to thriving with the practice of yoga and/or meditation.

These stories, shared for the first time is a transformation experience that expands our perspective on life and enriches the connection we have to each other. Sharing your story is not only inspiring to others but its liberating to your soul. Connect with these fascinating women thorough their personal story and journey shared in the book "Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation Book Series"

Grab One Of Our Yoga Books!

Connect with fascinating women through their personal story and journey shared in the book.

Yoga & meditation. A CELEBRATION of community, self love, storytelling & sisterhood.

A privileged peek into the minds and hearts of some incredible women as they've endured life challenges.

Virtual Summit

Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation is not only a Best-Selling Book Series but also a Virtual Summit offering insight and wisdom from Yogi’s around the world.Covering Topics that go beyond the basic practice of yoga. 

Join us for discussions around emotional, mental, and physical well being. We will take you on an exploration to becoming more self aware and to learn how to flow through life with grace and ease. 

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Yoga & Summit News Updates

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Vol. 4 Resilience Through Yoga

Vol. 4 Resilience Through Yoga

Vol. 4 Yoga Book Series Launch!
How Do /You/ Meditate?

How Do /You/ Meditate?

Clay Hamilton interviews Stephen McManus, a meditation and yoga teacher, and director of Three Jewels in New York City, a studio which integrates yoga, meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. "How Do /You/ Meditate?" is Clay Hamilton's ongoing series of interviews with meditation teachers.
Yoga is a Gift for the Mind and Body – at Any Age

Yoga is a Gift for the Mind and Body – at Any Age

As your yoga practice evolves, so does your mindfulness. You start to be able to recognize (and sometimes unplug) your anxious patterns.

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